Tree Surgery Services

Mark Stewart Tree Surgeon

Crown Reduction

Sometimes trees outgrow their surroundings, reducing in length / size maintaining the natural form of the tree.

Mark Stewart Hedge Maintenance

Crown Thinning

Removing of inner growth to reduce the trees wind sail effect and allow light through the canopy, also the removal of rubbing and crossing branches.

Mark Stewart Tree Surgeon

Crown Lifting

Removal of the lowest branches to lift the canopy, mainly done near highways or footpaths but also for appearance purposes.

Mark Stewart Tree Surgeon

Sectional Dismantle / Rigging

When a tree can not be felled due to size or small drop zone, we dismantle the tree in manageable sections.

Mark Stewart Hedge Maintenance

Hedge Maintenance

Our hedge maintenance services ensure your hedges are professionally trimmed and reduced in height.

Mark Stewart Tree Services

Other Services

Our other tree surgery services include storm damage (24/7 emergency call-out), woodland management, site clearance and stump grinding.